Active Week and Sports Day

During Active week, the children participated in a variety of physical activities, team games and sports. Scooter riding, competitive invasion games and team building activities are a run up of just some the fun! This built on their resilience and allowed them to develop their co-operative and teamwork skills (Article 14).

The week was superbly finished by Sports day; the final success! There were a range of sports activities and everyone enjoyed the challenge, participation and exertion! Basketball shootout, the traditional sack race, tug of war and an exclusive parent/teacher race were among the highlights! All activities emphasised the importance of physical activity (Article 31) and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We were even lucky enough to have a sporting visit from Chef Mark who came in especially to deliver smoothie demonstrations. As always, we ensure children were open to the best possible health (Article 24). ​

Well done all at Parkhill. Everybody’s a winner!