Bertie Helpers


Bertie Helpers

Bertie Helpers (established in 2013)

Bertie is our much-loved school pet. He came to us from an animal sanctuary, approved by the RSPPC, in 2013. The result of a long campaign conducted by our School Council for a school pet, Bertie is a friendly and placid rabbit that gives us endless joy.

Our job is to make sure that Bertie enjoys a healthy and active life, at Parkhill Junior School.

Our weekly staff meeting, with Ms Anu, reviews the past week and any issues arising.

This involves: cleaning Bertie’s two  luxury abodes regularly ,checking that his food is eaten and that he is hydrated, reading to him (he likes poetry), booking visits to the vet for his termly health check, finding him a holiday home for weekends and school breaks, making sure that our learning community enjoy time spent with him. Bertie has two official residences. He is in his outside  bunny playground every day (designed by children) and in his inside residence, every night. Weekends are spent with parents and staff.

3G – Halaynah

3H – Krishb , Renay

3K – Finley

4A – Abirami

4F – Saarah

4R – Nya , Seth

5W – Zoe (Maria)

5SP – Rida, Yesha

5B – Sarujan

6S – Habishan , Ayesha

6U – Inaaya,Shahyaan

6C – Shannon

6TC – Samia K