Book Keepers


Book Keepers

Book Keepers

Book Keepers   (established in 2014)     

On the same ‘page’ as librarians, you will find an additional body of book keepers. We work in pairs to make sure that our class book corners captivate children into the fictional world of great book by keeping them inviting, comfortable and dazzling! Books are organised into fiction and non-fiction categories and shelves are kept superbly neat, tidy and accessible.

3G – Alfie, Vajushi, Subhan, Mirza

3H – Idris, Esam

3K – Ayden

4A – Ruben, Vidhun

4F – Lara, Dhilan

4R – Abdullah, Krish

5W – Amraj, Eesa

5SP – Daniella, Ryan

5B – Samraj, Aryan

6S – Sammad, Daniella

6U – Khaira, Piraveenth

6C – Sahir, Harvinder, Najib

6TC – Aizah, Gurpriya