Eco- Warriors

Eco Warriors  (established in 2010) 

Having “grown” from a simple seed of a thought, the Parkhill Eco Warriors are a force of nature.  We strive weekly for a better and improved environment for everybody, both at school and in our homes.  Education of the benefits of going green is our main priority.  We demonstrate this by presenting assemblies to the children and teachers in school.  We are about to harvest a plethora of garden vegetables from our Parkhill Garden, and we hope this will continue for years to come.


3G Zain    
3O Ahmed    
3S Chenthuran    
4N Kai    
4K Kelian    
4W Dilan    
5W Adam Alesha Sierra
5B Abbas Krish  
5H Nikita    
6NC Ayesha H    
6U Ajitesh Michelle  
6TC Deen    


Eco Warriors- Home grown strawberry delights

The Eco Warriors harvested strawberries they planted earlier in the year. We compared shop bought strawberries to our home grown ones. Nikita said,” Wow, our strawberries are so much sweeter.”Adam,” They were so juicy and easy to grow.”

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