Librarians (established in 2014)

“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.”– Roald Dahl

We decided to transform our school library a few years ago into a peaceful and inviting environment so children can escape into the world of a good book! As a result, our school library comprises a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. Our librarians provide their organisational expertise to ensure our shelves are kept tidy and accessible.

We receive professional training from Miss Ahmed (the English Lead) at the beginning of every year. Regular meetings are scheduled and held every month in the library.

3G – Jibraan, Jessie, Sarjuna, Lucia

3H – Esha, Reenusha, Amina and Labeeb

3K – Ayden, Kira, Iqra, Ritika

4A – Naomi, Aleena, Aaran U and Ranvir

4F – David, Sierra, Alishba, Harsh

4R – Gurkishan, Dylan, Irmak, Maaya

5W – Sabera, Michelle, Eimaan, Yashveer, Aaminah

5SP – Ayesha, Ayesha H, Arian, Tahlia, Shivaani, Yesha

5B – Maria, Alisha, Ameera, Shriya

6S – Simak, Anisha, Arafat, Manar

6U – Zarin, Harry, Arshiya, Benas

6C – Mehzabeen, Lakshann, Amar, Salsabil, Ibrahim

6TC – Aaron, Amar, Shiv, Zain