Media Day

14 lucky year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Redbridge Drama Centre to create a live television broadcast!  Their task was to create a 5-10 minute long programme about Parkhill Junior School. They all had different roles to play, some were on screen and others behind the scenes making sure the live broadcast came together in the end! Some of the roles the children had to take on were of, director, presenters, vision mixers, floor manager and many more! The children learnt a lot about how much time and effort is put into creating a live broadcast and that it doesn’t always go right on the night!

Have a look at the presentation that was created by the talented pupils at Parkhill Junior School.


When I went to the Redbridge Drama Centre I enjoyed being the presenter for the live broadcast. I also enjoyed it when we had to meet as a team to decide what topics our show would cover. At the drama centre I learnt how to be more confident and that as a presenter you have to memorise all the words that you have to say. Maya 5SP