Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors (established 2016)

Science Ambassadors work hard to drive up the standards of Science across the school. We do this in several ways: taking “travelling experiments” around different classes to inspire other learners and share scientific knowledge; leading science-themed assemblies and taking part in national science quizzes.

We also check on how children in Parkhill are getting on with their science learning and seeing if there are any ways we can improve.

We’re always on the search for new ideas, investigations and experiments.


3G Ayhaan  
3O Renee  
3S Luca  
4N Muhammad  
4K Hadiya Aryan
4W Keshmi  
5W Aliyah Tafheem
5B Sarem Maaya
5H Jagroop  
6NC Aneve  
6U Zoe Amraj
6TC Zafirah