Mathematics Vision

At Parkhill Junior School all children are fluent in both written and mental calculations, which are taught accurately according to the Calculations Policy (Article 3- best interests of the child are top priority). Children are able to apply their secure mathematical knowledge when solving problems, and can do this through a wide range of investigative activities which deepen their learning.

Children can clearly articulate how and why they answered a problem the way they did; giving clear examples and reasons (Article 13). Challenging mathematical thinking is embedded in every lesson in all classes. Pupil engagement in maths is high and pupils are able to learn and work independently and collaboratively. All pupils are excited and enthusiastic about mathematics; they thrive on the competitive and challenging nature of the subject, and this enables them to excel (Article28 and 30).

At Parkhill, we use an online learning platform called Mathletics to support and enhance our mathematical learning. Mathletics uses a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract strategies to teach mathematical concepts in a variety of way to ensure depth of understanding. At Parkhill, we use Mathletics to support lessons, to set homework and consolidate learning. At home, you can access Mathletics to use the online tutorials to address concepts that you are still a little unclear on, develop your test technique and play mathematical games.  Below you will find a link which will tell you a little more about what Mathletics is and how you can use it to support your child’s maths.


White Rose Scheme

Our maths learning is supported by the White Rose Scheme, a learning programme which focuses on teaching maths through a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to ensure that the children are able to access mathematical concepts via fluency (knowing how to calculate/multiplication tables, etc), reasoning (explaining their thinking) and problem solving (solving problems in a variety of ways). This scheme is supplemented by a variety of different resources to ensure that lessons are practical, engaging and challenging for all learners. Below are the yearly overviews for each year group.

Yearly Overviews

  • Maths Year 3 Overview
    Maths Year 3 Overview

Maths- I can

Bar Modelling