Royal Observatory Visit

Year 5 had a fantastic space adventure at the Royal Observatory! We saw for real how absolutely colossal the sun is (you could fit 1.3 million earths inside it!) and found out some fascinating facts in the planetarium – highly recommended for a family day out!

Click here for the video

Science Club

Science club made art using photo-sensitive paper! The chemical on the paper fades quickly in the sun, meaning that any covered parts stay darker – which is how the first cameras worked! Fascinating to mix science, art and history! 

Soanes Science Centre

Year 5 took their learning experiences outside recently. Watch our video of our visit to the 
Click here for the video
Science club inspires future scientists to discover more about the world around them. We use observation skills, like the famous scientist Faraday, to see what happens when a candle melts. An easy investigation to do at home!

 It’s that time again! The first STEM day of the year presents an exciting and festive challenge for our learners – watch the video (made by our science ambassadors) to see the task!

Science Vision
Article 29
Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.
“Science is so fun at Parkhill Junior, I love learning through experiments!” Aiman, Parkhill Junior Pupil.
The vision for science at Parkhill Junior: promote curiosity and enquiry. We want children to be fully engaged and fully challenged through a range of hands-on learning opportunities in a range of exciting investigations; as well as the use of combined reading and researching to support the children in discovering new knowledge for themselves. Children should ask “what if?” and “how does this work?” questions to further their own learning. (Article 12: Every child has the right to have a say.)
We want science at Parkhill Junior to inspire children to have a sense of wonder and awe of the world around them, realising that science is everywhere.


 Try some of these links for super science which you  can do at home!

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