Digital Leaders


Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

Digital leaders   (established in 2015)  

We are the future! We have the exciting job of finding new technology that we could bring in to our school to make learning even more enjoyable! It is our responsibility to trial the equipment before launching it to the whole school and so far we have successfully been able to purchase Lego Wedo, Makey Makey’s and an mBot. We were also able to deliver a staff Inset to teach the teachers! Let’s face it, children are often the best teachers.

We have also committed ourselves to promoting Online-Safety across the school. We strongly believe in keeping ourselves just as safe in the online world as we do in the real world! To show our dedication to spreading this message; we have delivered online-safety assemblies to children, held a parent workshop and a coffee morning.

We have weekly meetings with Miss Uppal and we are dedicated and passionate in promoting Computing across the school.

3G – Keshmi

3H – Manveer

3K – Karmjeet

4A – Aleeza

4F – Harman

4R – Zaina

5W – Samuel

5SP – Ayah

5B – Vhishani

6S  -Shay

6U – Ayaan

6C – Saaliha ,Aiya

6TC – Jaina