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Please note that the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) provides a leaflet for parents and carers who might be considering using the services of either a private tutor or tuition service for their child, particularly in the lead up to summer exams.
Whilst the majority of people that provide these services are legitimate and only want the very best for the children and young people that they work with, there are some that sadly have a less positive motivation and are using the opportunity when alone to abuse children. You will read about these cases in the media from time to time and I am sure share the concern that in sometimes individuals have been abusing over a number of years and many children have been affected.
As always, prevention is the best way to address this issue and our leaflet highlights to parents and carers some of the key things that they should consider and undertake to ensure that they only employ an appropriately trained and verified tutor or service. The leaflet can be downloaded from the LSCB website via the link below:

Leaflet for parents