Ethos and Values

At Parkhill Junior School we recognise that children are at the heart of everything we do.

Everybody in our community is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential in a positive, safe, happy and caring environment. We constantly explore new boundaries.

In our culturally diverse community, everyone’s culture and beliefs are respected and celebrated. Our vision is for everyone to be confident, independent and motivated. Our goal is for children to feel prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

We encourage everyone to make a positive contribution to the achievement of this vision.

The aims of our school are:

To celebrate our achievements and then set new goals.

To empower everyone to develop self-belief, self-respect and self-discipline to live a happy, healthy life.

To feed a love of learning through a creative, dynamic, fun and challenging.

To provide first class teaching and learning experiences which ensure progress for everyone.

To be at the heart of the local community, curriculum suited to the twenty-first century. Preparing everyone to become responsible and pro-active national and global citizens.

Contributing to our Ethos and Values are our School Rules

We listen carefully and do our best ·

We are respectful, caring and co-operative 

We move quietly and sensibly around the school

We settle our disagreements peacefully by talking about them

We look after the school and everybody’s property.

Children, Staff, Community and Governors.