Sports Premium

Sports Funding – the Impact


  • Through high quality coaching and modelled sessions by a professional coach, teachers’ expertise and subject knowledge has been enhanced, leading to effective teaching and learning with focus of greater precision teaching, across the PE curriculum.
  • The provision of an external coach has increased resilience, confidence and pupil leadership in all pupils the pupils.
  • Positive attitudes amongst pupils have been evident with a sportsmanship approach and their self-esteem improved towards the PE curriculum as well as extra curricular activities.
  • Opportunities for both pupils’ and parents’ to be more aware of the importance of sport and exercise and its connection to their physical and mental well-being.
  • Children have a greater awareness, of the importance of healthy eating and what constitutes to a healthy diet. Packed lunches are increasingly balanced.
  • Cross-curricular links created with science and D and T.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to develop their sporting skills in a competitive environment at a high level.  
  • A wider range PE equipment has provided pupils fuller exposure, to a variety of sports thus enhancing their confidence to reach their full potential and develop fundamental sports skills.
  • A shared professional understanding of how to support SEND children through sports.