Sports Premium 2015-16

Sports Funding 2015-16

How we are using our Sports Funding to improve the quality of PE, fitness levels,well-being and overall health awareness.

·         Procurement of quality-assured professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport, through the Youth Sports Trust.

·         Supporting regular sport tournaments, festivals and competitions for pupils of all ages and locally.

·         Entering children into different leagues and competitions organised by the borough – eg Redbridge mini games.

·         New IT equipment for use in PE (such as flip videos and ipads), to allow children the opportunity to evaluate their own skills as well as their peers. Investment in the use of IT in lessons also aids teacher assessment and the progress of children during PE lessons.

·         Installing new equipment and extending the hall, e.g., indoor storage so that the children can develop their skills further in PE lessons.

·         First Aid training for all Year 6 children, sharpening their awareness of how to look after their bodies, avoid physical risk and steps to follow if injured.

·         A six week project based on fitness and health sessions for Year 6 – ‘Move It.’

·         Twelve week programme of Multi skills sessions, across all year groups provided by Foundation Sports.

Sports Fund Tracking 2015-16

Company Item(s) Price
Consortium Footballs and nets £450.56
Foundation Sports Multi-skills weekly sessions-Year 3 (COACH) £1,478.00
A-Z Supplies Rounders Post, Squistle, Footballs, Wheel-away post, base, Mitre Mesh Pan Ball Sack £1,123.41
School Stickers Company Sports Day Reward Stickers (whole school) £362.85
Fresh air fitness Outdoor Fitness Gym contribution £2,322.64
Total Spent £5,737.46
Balance £1,643.46


·         Through modelled sessions by Foundation Sport coaches teachers’ expertise and subject knowledge has been enhanced leading to effective teaching and learning.

·         Improved pupil attitude and increased confidence towards competitive and non competitive sports activities.

·         Pupils’ heightened awareness of the importance of sport and fitness and its link to their overall well-being.

·         Children are more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and what constitutes a healthy diet.

·         Children are increasingly able to train to play against quality opposition whilst developing all pupils’ skills to a higher level.

·         Children have demonstrated increasing enjoyment and confidence when engaged in a diverse range of activities