Sports Premium 2018-19

Sports Funding Plans 2018-19

How we plan to spend our Sports Funding ,to  further improve and raise fitness levels, well-being and overall health awareness , of all our learners.

Company Item(s) Price
 PTC Sports Coaches Multi-skills -Year 3 (coach) CPD  £1,478
Golf Kingdom Golf sessions (coach)  £900
PTC Sports coaches Healthy Eating and Fitness workshops for Year 6. £1,200
PTC Sports coaches Basketball/netball training  £2,000
PTC Sports coaches Dance (Streetdance / Ballet) £1,200
Creative Play Playground Markings £2,500
 Creative Play Climbing Wall and expansion of the climbing frame  £6,000.00
  Total Spent £15,278


Thanks to the Sports Funding, our investment in playground development and sports equipment, can continue in its aim to ensure that all future learners will have the same opportunities as our current learners. By routinely up-skilling our teachers, we are investing into our staff, leading to an increase in the high quality and expert delivery of our PE curriculum not just this year, but for years to come. All sessions provided by a coach are NOT teachers’ PPA time. They are teachers’ Continuous Professional Development.