Sports Premium 2019-2020

Planned Spend for Sports Funding


How we plan to spend our Sports Funding, to  further improve and raise fitness levels, well-being and overall health awareness , of all our learners.

Allowance – £19,620

Company Item(s) Price
 PTC Ltd Professional Sports Coaches: athletics, games skills, striking and fielding, gymnastics, problem solving games, orienteering activities.  £15,600
Amazon 15 Scooters (replaced)  £450
Vision – Redbridge Additional swimming lessons for Year 6 – autumn term. £5,580
Index Professional volleyball equipment.  £299
  Total Spent £21,929

Sports Funding – the Impact


  • Through modelled sessions by PTC coaches, teachers’ expertise and subject knowledge has been enhanced, leading to effective teaching and learning across specialised elements of the PE curriculum.
  • Improved pupil attitude and increased confidence towards competitive and non competitive sports activities.
  • Pupils’ and parents’ heightened awareness of the importance of sport and fitness and its link to their overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Children are more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and what of constitutes a healthy diet.
  • Children are increasingly able to train to play against quality opposition whilst developing their skills to a higher level.
  • Children demonstrate an improved ‘sense of team’ and developed collaboration skills.