Sports Premium 2019-2020

Planned Spend for Sports Funding


How we plan to spend our Sports Funding, to  further improve and raise fitness levels, well-being and overall health awareness , of all our learners.

Allowance – £19,620

Company Item(s) Price
 PTC Ltd Professional Sports Coaches: athletics, games skills, striking and fielding, gymnastics, problem solving games, orienteering activities.  £15,600
Amazon 15 Scooters (replaced)  £450
Vision – Redbridge Additional swimming lessons for Year 6 – autumn term. £5,580
Index Professional volleyball equipment.  £299
  Total Spent £21,929

Sports Funding – the Impact


  • Through modelled sessions by PTC coaches, teachers’ expertise and subject knowledge has been enhanced, leading to effective teaching and learning across specialised elements of the PE curriculum.
  • Improved pupil attitude and increased confidence towards competitive and non competitive sports activities.
  • Pupils’ and parents’ heightened awareness of the importance of sport and fitness and its link to their overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Children are more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and what of constitutes a healthy diet.
  • Children are increasingly able to train to play against quality opposition whilst developing their skills to a higher level.
  • Children demonstrate an improved ‘sense of team’ and developed collaboration skills.

Parkhill Mile:
“In school, we do the Parkhill Mile once a week which is 9 laps around the playground or 6 and a half laps around the field! Our teachers encourage us to carry on even if we are tired which is good and they may give it a go themselves! We do this because it helps us concentrate in our learning time as well as keeping us fit and healthy. “
Written by Sami 3O and Adam 4N


Strike a yoga pose!
“The sports ambassadors have been learning yoga poses to teach our class how to do them for mental health day. The poses included the ‘elephant pose’, ‘rainbow pose’, ‘butterfly pose’ and the ‘frog pose’. All of these poses are to help us relax the mind/body and to stretch our body if we are feeling tense or stressed. Try it at home as it is a great way to stay calm! “
Written by Aryan in 3S and Aqsa in 4S