Arts Week

After looking at the Henri Rousseau painting Surprised!, each year group developed their own line of enquiry. 

Y3 – Making links with their reading book- The Great Kapok Tree, the students thought about what the jungle where the tiger lived might look like today after deforestation. Their use of colour is strikingly different to Rousseau’s original painting

Y4 – Using HPL skills of researching, the Y4s found out information on the artist and created a posters and then researched deforestation. In the final piece, it was a painting of two halves. One showing the lush, green jungle and the other, the loss of habitat for animals.

Y5 – Looking at colour and times of the day, the Y5 took different sections of the paintings and used different colours and tones to show dawn, midday, dusk and night time.  They had to think very carefully about what colours to use.

Y6 – For arts week, we were looking at illustrations. We discussed and researched our favourite illustrators. At the same time, we were analysing some poems about tigers. We then wrote our own poems and have created our own illustrations to accompany them.  We were looking at two different ways to illustrate our poems: using water colours and using collage. They were both tricky but for different reasons. One thing we needed to consider for both of these media was thinking about building up layers. Starting on the background and then building up to the foreground and adding the detail.

‘We really enjoyed learning new techniques, such as tinting and scumbling using oil pastels.’ – Class 3G

‘The best part of Arts Week was making our final product of a poster mash-up of our artist Henri Rosseau and habitat destruction. We added deforestation to the poster to show how it can change the planet and destroy the habitat of tigers.’ -Shivansh 4H