Travel Activities


Travel Activities 2018-19:

Zig-Zag Day Protests:  October 18th, November 23rd, January 18th, February 15th, March 29th, April 26th, May 24th, June 28th

Cycle to School :  October 8th till October 18th

Dayglow day: October 18th

Road Safety Week: November 19th till November 23rd

Big Pedal: March 25th till April 5th

Walk to school Week: May 19th till May 24th

Dr Bike Visit: June 6th

Cycle to School Challenge: October 8th 2018 to  October 18th

To encourage smarter and more active travel to school by our students and parents, we are taking part in the ‘Cycle to School’ challenge. Everyday your child cycles/scoots to school during the challenge. They will be given a raffle ticket which will enter them into a prize draw at the end of each week. More cycle/scooter trips means more raffle tickets and an increased chance of winning a prize. Not to mention, how fit and healthy you will feel!

Day Glow Day – October 18th 2018

Parkhill Junior School’s Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA) are holding a Walk to School Awareness Day on Thursday 18th October 2018. We are calling this event ‘Day Glow Day’, as the children will be asked to wear bright clothes on that day. This is to create the awareness of being visible while walking to school, (especially during the darker months).

DayGlowDay clothing requirements:

Yellow, Orange, Red (possibly flourescent) clothing from head to toe
Colourful trainers and trousers can be worn but no jeans please.
If no colourful clothing can be worn, please wear school uniform.
There will be certificates awarded to those wearing most ‘glowing’ clothes!