Digital Leaders

Digital leaders   (established in 2015)  

As digital leaders it is our role to:

  • Help others learn how to be safer online
  • Talk to children across the school about any e-safety concerns that they might have
  • Learn how to use new technologies, apps and software
  • Support teachers in using new technologies, apps and software in lessons
  • Suggest improvements to the ICT around school
  • Plan and deliver online safety assemblies and online safety starters for every computing lesson and Feedback to Ms Porter
  • Keep parents and Governors up to date with current e-safety topics
  • Promote Safer Internet Day and organise whole school activities
  • Read aloud the monthly online newsletter to our own class and feedback to Ms Porter
Digital Leaders Class
Aryan 3O
Kiyan 3S
Krishika 3M
Krisstan  3H
Sehjepreet 4S
Daniel  4P
Sklok 4D
Zaheer  5N
Aariz  5A
Aadam  5DO
Harron  6U
Sarah  6C