Geography Bee

Four enthusiastic geographers took part in a geography competition at Glade Primary School. It was very challenging and the children worked hard to learn lots of interesting geographical facts. 

They had to learn the locations of all the countries and capital cities in seven continents. They also had to identify famous landmarks from around the world. 


We had to learn capital cities, flags and more and I loved learning all of it. We came second and lost by a point in the missing vowels. Overall, I really enjoyed everything. Aryan 5W

I felt really confident on countries and their capitals, but the landmarks was challenging. I am very proud to come second out of nine schools. Dilan 5C

I really enjoyed participating in the Geography quiz at Glade Primary School.

It was a really close competition and I am proud that we cam second. Annika 5​O

I has lots of fun at the geography competition. The easiest part was when we used the atlases. The most difficult was when we had to name where the landmarks were. Esam  5O