To further consolidate our RE unit on Sikhism, year 6 visited the Ilford Karamsar Gurdwara on Wednesday 18th December. As part of their project, they were asked to design the layout of a brand new Gurdwara. In order to do this, they needed to research what a Gurdwara looks like on the outside and inside. Like any place of worship, a Gurdwara is a building where each and every room serves its own purpose based on Sikh beliefs and values. This was all brought to life when the children were able to visit a real Gurdwara and see the features in person. They learnt all about the principles of Sikhism whilst sitting in the Diwan Hall, followed by a taste of prashad which is a sweet dish given as an offering after prayers and the visit ended with a delicious meal in the langar hall, where the children sat on the floor to eat, just as Sikhs would.