Houses of Parliament Visit

On Tuesday 21st November, Parkhill Parliament visited the Houses of Parliament. The children were taken on a tour of the building, where they were able to watch a live debate in session! They also took part in an interactive workshop where they took the role of two political parties (one in power and the other formed the opposition). The children learnt about the process of putting together a bill (a proposed law). The bill they chose to debate was to ban smoking in the UK. Each party deliberated and thought of arguments to put forward and then carried out a debate. They learnt about bobbing, saying ‘hear hear’ to agree and grumble if they disagree. One child took the role of The Speaker, who chaired and controlled the debate.  Once the bill had approved by each House of Parliament, and received Royal Assent, it become a law and is known as an act.

The children also had the opportunity to meet their local MP, Wes Streeting. He explained his role, his daily tasks and what he enjoys about his job. The children were then able to ask him lots of questions, including about his plans for making Ilford North a better, cleaner and safer place to live.