Junior Citizen

Junior Citizenship

On 22nd November 2019, Year 6 were very lucky to visit the Ilford Army Reserve Centre for a Junior Citizen Programme. They learnt valuable life skills such as:

  1. How to use trains safely, staying away from the yellow line and how to report emergencies on platforms
  2. How to use public transport responsibly and respectfully, following the behaviour code to ensure they do not lose their free Zip Oyster card
  3. What to do when they see an unfamiliar package on public transport 
  4. How to report fires in the home and what to do in an emergency
  5. Take responsibly to keep streets green, clean and safe. The children wrote a pledge on what they can do to help make the streets cleaner and safer. 
  6. How to stay safe online and being careful not to send indecent images of themselves or other people over the internet 
  7. Never take suspicious items from strangers in return to do jobs for them
  8. Calling the police in an emergency 
  9. Knife crime – do not run after criminals