Kingswood Residential Visit


Day 1

The children have safely arrived at Kingswood and are currently being taken on a tour of the grounds.
They are incredibly excited for their first activity!
The children are thoroughly enjoying their first activity of leap of faith! They are taking risks and  showing resilience. We are looking forward to dinner followed by Mini Olympics!
Day 2
The children have woken up feeling very fresh. After eating a breakfast for champions, they are ready to face the exciting challenges of the day! We are looking forward to activities such as buggy building, aero ball and nightline.
The children are truly working up an appetite this morning. They’ve already completed orienteering, aeroball, zip line, and that’s all before lunch! 
Up next, we have buggy building!
The children have had a jam packed afternoon! They made buggies and carried out an obstacle course, all whilst blindfolded! It was muddy and wet but extremely fun! 
They are tucking into a very well deserved dinner now, with the excitement building for our campfire tonight.
The children enjoyed a sizzling campfire last night, where they sang songs, listened to stories and joined in some role play. After a good nights sleep, the children have eaten a delicious warm breakfast, and are now ready for their final activities!
Day 3
We are extremely proud of how the children have been conquering their fears and trying new challenges! One more activity to go before it’s lunchtime!