Maths Week

Maths Week At Parkhill Junior School

11th November 2019- 15th November 2019

At the beginning of maths week, our children celebrated the launch of Timestables Rockstars by dressing up as rockstars. Take a look at the fantastic costumes the children and adults wore to celebrate out new resource. Pupils took part in a competition by competing for the most points against schools across the country to try and win a pizza party for their class. Unfortunately, Parkhill Junior did not win this year. However, there is always next year, so with a lot of practise I am sure at least one of the classes from Parkhill Junior School will win it next year. 

Throughout the week, children were able to explore how maths is cross curricular with subjects such as science, art and RE. Pupils designed Islamic patterns; they were taught how to enlarge a picture in art; as well as studying symmetrical animals.