Official Helpers


Official Helpers (established in 2010)

We are modest volunteers, who help the adults (and children) run a smooth operation and a tight efficient ship, at Parkhill Junior School!

We work from a timetable that includes jobs ranging from, watering an extensive range of plants to ensuring that class teachers have the resources they require, delivered on time – by us! This is life in the fast lane.

We are masters of all trades and Jacks of none!

Our weekly staff meeting with Mrs Tanner, identifies ways that we can improve our stellar service, to school and classes.

3O Zara
4S Layla, Darcy
4D Kavenya, Sana
5DO Zara, Zameen, Renee
5N Elisabella, Simran
5A Laibah, Maribela
6W Ehaan
6C Indiya, Dharam