Primary Futures

As part of a Primary Futures project, Year 6 have been very lucky to take part in special talks over zoom, with people from across a range of professions. 

On November 26th, they met with Vaneeta Kaur who is an author and emotional wellness advocate. She spoke about how she uses her own life experiences to help the new generation discover their self-worth.

On December 1st, they met with Rita Kakati Shah who is the founder of a company called Uma. She works with individuals and other companies to empower women and minorities to succeed in the workforce.

On December 4th, they met with Norman Thompson who works at the House of Parliament and is responsible for Digital Transformation/Change management. The children also learnt about the previous jobs had before, including joining the army and working as a history teacher!

On December 10th, they will be meeting with Kuldeep Mehmi, who is currently a PR Manager in the real estate communications department at Savills. He regularly speaks on issues around diversity and inclusion and at Savills he is a key member of the diversity and inclusion group. He also works for a charity promoting diversity in different career fields.

Through this project, children have learnt about various careers that out there. They also learnt that there are many different paths one can take to find their dream job, which can always evolve over time. Hopefully, the children have been inspired to explore new career avenues that they were never really aware of before.

“From all the guest speakers that presented to us, we learnt different ways our future job and life could turn out. They talked about who inspired them and how they overcame criticism and difficulties. They have made the path clearer for children like me.” Yusuf 6W