Science Week 2022

British Science Week 2022

What can we say, the week was filled with a fizz, pop, chirp and a daffodil!  Everywhere we looked there was something going on to spark curiosity from chicks chirping, egg shells vanishing to cleverly constructed bird feeders.   



During science week, the children had the exciting opportunity to watch chicks hatch. The experience gave every single child the opportunity to learn about, empathise, bond with and respect animals.

Visit to Bancroft Science Fair

Filled with curiosity and excitement, the science ambassadors visited Bancroft School Science Fair.

This was a fabulous or inspiring opportunity which ignited the children’s curiosity and gave them inspirations for their future.

We were greeted with a very busy hall filled with an abundance of hands- on science stalls designed by sixth formers. The children experienced a wide range of science projects including making slime, creating an air vortex, exploring a range of animal eyes and much more.

At each stall, the children were given an explanation about different theories behind the experiments. The children also time spent time in three science zones: physics, where they made and launched rockets, biology, where they participated in several different activities.

Live Lessons

The classrooms were transported into the world of real life faming when each class took part in NFU live lessons. This opportunity, gave students a taste of how science influences our everyday lives by putting core science topics into a real life context.

5D quote – “Science is fun because you get to explore things you might have never known, including that cows have a passport! ”

Bouncing Egg Experiment

Have you ever tried removing an egg shell without touching it? Well in this year’s science week that’s just what we did.   We poured vinegar over an egg and observed overtime just how the egg changed.     Then bravely, with its shell vanished we tried to bounce it!


Earlier in the year, the children planted and nurtured their daffodil bulbs. Now, that spring is officially here, we celebrated with a school photograph. This gave us the opportunity to bring real life science into our classrooms.

Onion Growing Competition

A big shot out to the growers in Class 3S, who won the onion growing competition.

Back in November, the Eco Warrior pupil voice group planted onions and during British Science Week we harvested them. Class 3S were the winners, growing an onion of 21grams.