Year 3

Linked to the curriculum topic of the Ancient Egyptians, the Year 3 classes have been making cartouches. Firstly we wanted to experiment with mark making in the clay. We also learned how to use slip to attach pieces of clay together. We had previously learnt about hieroglyphics so we wrote our own name on our own clay cartouche.

“I liked the part when I was modelling my cartouche because I found it really fun. My favourite part was when I was painting my work.” Amelia 3O

Year 4

As part of the Year 4 melting curriculum, we’ve been using clay to produce our own Greek pots. We began by looking at different images of pots that were made over 2000 years ago! Once we were given the clay, we tried different techniques to turn it into usable vessels. Making the coils proved difficult as we had to roll the clay in our hands and ensure it was the same thickness all the way along. Tricky!

‘I really enjoyed creating my clay pot. Even though it was challenging to model the clay, I continued to persevere and use the techniques I have learnt. Next time I would like to try creating a coiled pot so that I can experiment with different techniques’– Luliana 4S

Year 5

As part of our melting curriculum, we’ve created Tudor portraits using a combination of collage and painting. We studied portraits of members of the Tudor family including Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Anne Boleyn, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. After researching the fashion of the time and learning about the importance and significance of their clothing – and its traditional representation in art – we produced our own portraits.

Year 6

We have recently been studying the original form of selfies… self-portraits! We began by looking at (and enjoying) different portraits and spent several lessons analysing the proportions of our features, then drawing ourselves from different angles. This was fun, but more difficult than we expected. Once we’d developed a better understanding of our faces we created clay models of ourselves and painted them. Mixing the skin tone using only the 3 primary colours and white proved to be tough but rewarding.

“It was very fun to make. The part I found challenging was smoothing the face.” Maliha 6C

Spring Craft Afternoon


The Big Draw 2020


Every year, we take part in the Big Draw. This is where the entire school spends an afternoon drawing and creating wonderful artwork, based on a theme.  
This year’s theme was A Climate of Change. This fits into our RRS ethos and links to the global goals of Climate Action: Life below Water and Life on Land. 
For this project, each class was assigned an animal that is either critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. Children were asked to create an illustration which conveyed the special characteristics or the personality of the animal, in their drawings. Year 5 and 6 were also given the task of researching the animal and writing an informative paragraph about them
Through this project, we discovered the importance of illustrations, and many children showed great interest in wanting to become illustrators when they’re older. Teachers,  in collaboration with the art ambassadors, selected the best pieces from each class. These pieces have been published in a special book, which is being showcased in each classroom’s book corner. This can also be seen above.
Well done to everyone who participated in this project


 Artist of the Month

The art ambassadors selected this artwork, created by Khadija in Year 5, because she has used the different materials to create interesting textures. The materials are colourful and vibrant. We liked the way she used the original portrait as a starting point and then created her design. It also has good proportions. 


Workshop for Teachers

The teaching staff at Parkhill are participating in a range of Art Skills Workshops. The first one to take place was on printing. “I become engrossed in what I was doing and it was relaxing. It felt satisfying to produce a print after all my hard work.” Mrs Ozkan.
Everyone enjoyed participating in the different printing activities as you can see from these photographs. Each teacher has begun their own sketchbook and will add to it after each session. If you are interested in learning different printing techniques, that can be done at home, please click here
Watch this space for workshop !