Year 3

Linked to the curriculum topic of the Ancient Egyptians, the Year 3 classes have been making cartouches. Firstly we wanted to experiment with mark making in the clay. We also learned how to use slip to attach pieces of clay together. We had previously learnt about hieroglyphics so we wrote our own name on our own clay cartouche.

Year 4

As part of the Year 4 melting curriculum, we’ve been using clay to produce our own Roman pots. We began by looking at different images of pots that were made over 2000 years ago! Once we were given the clay, we tried different techniques to turn it into usable vessels. Making the coils proved difficult as we had to roll the clay in our hands and ensure it was the same thickness all the way along.

Year 5

As part of our melting curriculum, we’ve created Tudor portraits using a combination of collage and painting. We studied portraits of members of the Tudor family including Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Anne Boleyn, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. After researching the fashion of the time and learning about the importance and significance of their clothing – and its traditional representation in art – we produced our own portraits.

Year 6

We have recently been studying the original form of selfies… self-portraits! We began by looking at (and enjoying) different portraits and spent several lessons analysing the proportions of our features, then drawing ourselves from different angles. This was fun, but more difficult than we expected. Once we’d developed a better understanding of our faces we created clay models of ourselves and painted them. Mixing the skin tone using only the 3 primary colours and white proved to be tough but rewarding.


The year 6 have been doing a landscape painting project after looking at the work of David Hockney. We visited our local woods in Claybury and did some sketching en plein air. 

We looked at how Hockney used colour and then thought carefully to mix the paint we were going to use. We tried to use some complimentary colours so some colours would ‘pop’!


During Arts week, we used macro photography to create unusual compositions with nature. We printed these out and used a view finder to create an even more extreme view. We used charcoal to draw the images. It was quite difficult because it was very messy and smudged everywhere but fun because we hadn’t used this media before.