The choir have already started to prepare for the Redbridge Choral Festival which will be held in March at the Royal Albert Hall. A once in a lifetime experience for our young people in sing in such a grand venue that has seen the likes of Adele, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and many, many more. 

Choir Royal Albert Hall 2020


Choir song lyrics and music:

One Voice – Chinese Phonetic:  
One Voice – Chinese Phonetic Lyrics (PDF)

PHONETIC Kangding Love Song:  


Little Blue Dot:  

Lift Off:  

Rocket Science:  


We’ll See The Stars:  
We’ll See The Stars Lyrics (PDF)


Audio version of We’ll See The Stars: 


Jerusalem Unison:  

Make A Wish:  

Zoom Song Lyrics (PDF)

One Voice:  
One Voice Song Lyrics (PDF)