Modern Foreign Languages

Miss Gay

Bonjour et bienvenue ! (Hello and welcome!)
It has been proven that learning a new language opens our minds to other cultures and enables us to communicate ideas more confidently, which is why MFL holds an important place within the Parkhill Curriculum. French is taught throughout the school and we are currently very lucky to have our own resident linguist, Mademoiselle Karine, who is a native speaker and teaches every year group for 30-45 minutes per week! She keeps the children on their toes (literally!) and gives them the opportunity to engage in conversations often. To support the French learning, we have also introduced French Word of the Week to allow the children to become familiar with words and phrases. It opens up another avenue for the children to investigate and develop an interest.
Miss Gay

MFL Assembly
Mademoiselle Karine and a group of children have been working extremely hard to create a play based loosely on the story, Tabby McTat, and it was a success! The majority of the dialogue was in French, with a narrator to guide us all at certain points in the story. The actors were absolute professionals and we were even treated to a little bit of magic! After the short play, the audience were asked about their understanding and if they recalled any words or phrases, to which there was a lot of interaction and memory recall.
A huge well done to all actors and Mademoiselle Karine for their hard work!

MFL Vision

At Parkhill Junior, our vision is to provide an opening to other culture’s and foster children’s curiosity about the French culture and language (Article 30).  This is to help develop our pupils’ talents and abilities in oral and written language (Article 29) and promote confidence and enjoyment in the learning of an additional language. We feel it is important for the children to learn another language, as there are so many different languages around the world and it will help our children communicate more effectively and with more understanding.

In school, the children are thoroughly enjoying their french lessons. If your child is showing enthusiasm towards the subject, here are some links they can access from home
Here are some french games for the children to enjoy! There is also an app called Duolingo which is free for use.