Outdoor Learning

At Parkhill Junior School, we are very committed to outdoor learning. Outdoor learning is planned to enrich and enhance the children’s in-school learning experiences.

This gives every pupil in the school the opportunity to enjoy and learn from our wonderful natural world on a regular basis. Through outdoor learning, pupils will become confident, resilient and determined learners. “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything.” Albert Einstein

Outdoor Classroom Day

On the 4th November the whole school participated in Outdoor Classroom Day.  The children participated in a range of lessons using lots of different locations in the school grounds. The school has a real buzz about it and as I passed children their smiles seemed that little bit wider than normal. Come take a look at the activities we got up to.

Rangoli Maths

Year 6 linked Diwali and symmetry into their outside the classroom activity.

Factors and Multiples Game

Year 5 children went outside to play a factor and multiples game.

“I enjoyed my lesson  because it was a fun reminder of my times tables. My teamwork was great and I played fair.” 5MA

Building a Birds Nest

The Year 3 teachers linked their activity to their English text  “Fly Eagle Fly”.

“This is the best lesson ever. I can’t wait to tell my mum.” Yicheng 3S as he describes building a nest for an eagle. 

Creating Still Life Sculptures

Year 4 children collected natural objects from the school grounds and incorporated them into their natural still life sculptures.

Personalisation Group

Smiling faces all round. The children enjoyed a range of place value activities outside.