Mantle of the expert

In the Mantle of the Expert learning framework, the children are given a ‘hook’ scenario where they become an ‘expert’ in a field, with guidance from the teacher. They research, explore and work collaboratively to reach an end goal for a designated project. For example, children in Year 4 received a letter from the British Museum informing them of a new exhibition that was going to be created around Hinduism. The children were given guidance about what the new exhibition might entail, and each week researched and explored finding out that information. At the end, the children then presented their work as a group. The framework promotes collaborative discussion and autonomous exploration, through an engaging and immersive learning experience.

World Culture Day

Children across the school had the opportunity to show their cultural and traditional dress and share with the class the special celebrations they wear them for. The day promoted our rights respecting ethos perfectly and children soaked up all the new culture from their classes. A wonderful, exciting learning opportunity!