The Big Draw

During the month of October, the school participated in The Big Draw. This year’s theme was Back to colour so as a school, we focused on colour- warm and cool colours and their effect.

We also combined this with outdoor learning by looking at trees and collecting leaves to draw.

Year 3 used their leaves and colouring pencils to create scribble pictures.

Year 4 used their oil pastels to blend colour and create intricate zentangles.

Year 5 used any colour media in their art boxes to create tree ‘stained glass’ images using warm and cool colours.

Year 6 carefully drew their leaves and then added cool paint on the leaf and warm colours in the background or vice versa.

 “The big draw was fun because we could use different designs and colours.” Owais Y4

“I really enjoyed mixing the colours with oil pastels and using bold colours.” Shaambavi Y4

“It was fun learning a new technique, scribbling never looked so good!” Dmitri Y3

“I liked how although we did the same thing, everyone’s came out different.” Y5

“It was fun because we were able to mix our own colours and add white to create tints.” Y6