The Ridiculously Radiant Rainbow Book full of Parkhill Gold


Here are some wonderful pieces that have entered.

Rayden 6U

“A great diary Rayden! You really showed empathy for the character. It will be even better once you edit the redrafted version.” Ms Uppal



 Amirah 6W

“Well done Amirah, you have labelled the phases of the moon accurately.”  Mrs Wakefield



  Samiha 4K

“Excellent maths work and well done for challenging yourself with exchanging questions!​”  Mrs Krizsanyik



Amreen 4K

“Well done, Amreen, your dialogue was well written and very engaging!” Mrs Krizsanyik


Ria 4K

“You used great words for said in your dialogue, good work, Ria!”  Mrs Krizsanyik

Amara 4K 

“You used some great vocabulary to describe Thanatos, well done Amara!”  Mrs Krizsanyik

Alizay 4K

“Well done, Alizay, a beautiful inner monologue that shows how Virgo was feeling!”  Mrs Krizsanyik

Shayan 3S

“Pristine handwriting and fantastic choice of vocabulary. While I read this I felt like I was there.” Mrs Simms.

Rayden 6U

“Well done Rayden, for working logically and systematically!” Ms Uppal

Maryiah 3S

“Fantastic narrative. I can feel your character’s emotions. ”  Mrs Simms

Shruuthy 3S

 “Great mathematical method for crossing the the hundreds.” Mrs Simms

Saad 4S“Well done for using a range of vibrant colours to show the mood of the painting.” Ms Sondh  

Mayan 4K

“Brilliant Mayan, you worked so hard on your African picture for Culture Month.” Mrs Krizsanyik


These caring and considerate children ( Harleen 4P, Areesha 4P, Sariba 4D and Zyna 4D) created this ‘Corona Virus’ poem to share with everyone. Enjoy Learning!

Kiyan 3S

“Fantastic detail which captures the culture of Jamaica.” Mrs Simms

Yusuf 6W

“A detailed atmospheric setting description – well done.” Mrs Wakefield

Sonia 4P

“Well done, you found the perimeter by adding  all the sides together.” Ms Porter


Safiyah 4P

“You found the perimeter of this shape using Numicon wonderful work!” Ms Porter


Alayna 3S


Armani 6U

Asher 3S

Gurnoor 5DO

Hadiya 6C


Menaal 3S

Paulius 3S

Shruuthy 3S 

Zarmeen and Aaliyah 5DO

Kelian 6C

Yusuf 6W

Kai 6W

Renay 6W

Amrrutha 3H

Laila 3M

Viraj 4S

Viraj 4S

Amara 4K

Maliha 4K

Sofia 3O

Sanjana 3O

Aryan 3O

Esa 3M 

Zara 3O

Anaya 4S

Atalay 6C

Fahima 3H 

Ibrahim 4K

Jasleen 4K 

Rayyan 4S 

Saad 4S

Sabah 3H

Sehjpreet 4S

Theven 3H

Warran 3O