UK Parliament Week

This week was UK Parliament Week.

To celebrate, all the Parkhill MPs (Members of Parliament) sowed their own seeds for a chilli plant, just like sowing the seeds of democracy. It was a unique way to think about our relationship with UK Parliament.

The same way every oak tree starts from a tiny acorn, big changes start from planting a small idea and watching it grow. This might be the stage where you start your research and learn about an issue you want to campaign on, or raise awareness about it and even seek out groups that are interested in your cause.

The next stage is grow. It will take time and nurturing for our chilli plant to become fully grown. The same is true about a campaign. Social and legal change rarely happens quickly so it can take lots of time and effort. Just like a plant grows leaves and starts to flower, you need to attract attention to your campaign. Now is the time to take democratic action. You can contact your local MP. Start or sign a petition.

The final stage is bloom. Some campaigns will end in a change in the law, others may lead to making a policy clearer, or it might start a petition debate, maybe a change to behaviour or simply, greater public awareness

Whatever it is, it is the end results of everyone’s hard work.