Winning Fairy Tales – World Book Day

For World Book Day, we rewrote some our favourite fairy tales…but with a twist! Here are the winning entries from each class.


3O – Aminah 

The Gingerbread Man

One afternoon Mr Jo and Mrs Josephine wear board, they had nothing to do!

Suddenly a great idea popped into Mrs Josephine’s head.

“We’ll bake a gingerbread man, horse, hen and cow!” 

So that’s what they did. 

After that, they took them out of the oven and waited for them to cool down. Whilst they were cooling down, Mrs Josephine was knitting and Mr Jo was reading his newspaper. Quietly, the gingerbread jumped off the tray and ran out the door. The others followed behind him. The gingerbread man whispered to the others behind a bush. 

“Listen, we’ll all discuss the plan now before Mrs Josephine and Mr Jo walk out the door for their evening walk.  So they discussed the plan.”

Not long after, Mrs Josephine and Mr Jo came out of their house to go on their walk before tea time. 

“Help! Help!” the gingerbread man screamed with the others. 

The couple heard the screams and ran as fast they could to the bush. 

“Tricked you!” called out the gingerbread man. He started chasing the couple and the others followed closely behind. 

Mrs Josephine and Mr Jo were very confused. Were they daydreaming? What was happening? How come their biscuits were alive? They ran as fast as their legs could carry them in fright!

All at once, an orange fox appeared. He was thinking what is going on? He began running with Mr Jo and Mrs Josephine because he was scared of the gang of biscuits. The gingerbread biscuits were too fast for the fox and caught up with him in no time! They jumped on his back and on to his nose and pushed him into a deep river. The old couple rescued the fox with a long branch. They crept up on the biscuits who were having a cozy rest in the grass. The couple grabbed the biscuits and ate them before they could cause any more trouble!

The End


3H – Myedah

The Princess and the Pea

Long long ago in the caribbean islands a young princess lived with her very caring and loving parents. They gave her the name Tia, she was their only child and was very sensitive.

They brought her up with utmost care and love. She had been looked after by a set of  guardians to whom her parents trusted. Tia was very delicate and sophisticated, even she couldn’t bear a single crease on her bed sheet as it would hurt her back.  She had excellent manners and knowledge. All around their neighbouring kingdoms everyone admired her beauty ,intelligence and delicacy being a princess.

One day the king received an  invitation to a grand feast on a far island deep in the sea. They started off in their grand ship and It took them a whole day to reach there. They had been greeted very warmly by the king and its family except their rude and arrogant daughter, the princess Carla.  As princess Carla was jealous of Tia’s qualities of being the  best and true princess. Carla had a cruel and mean plan to welcome Tia.  She planned to put a  pea under Tia’s mattress so she couldn’t sleep and enjoy the next day’s feast. “ Come dear and have a peaceful sleep”, Carla said with an artificial smile.

Next day, Tia was very tired ,exhausted and she took part in the feast half heartedly because of a sleepless night. “What’s wrong my sweetie”, her father inquired politely.

“ Something is wrong with my bed” ,Tia replied. Her mother came forward and checked very closely but she couldn’t find anything, but all of sudden a thought appeared in her mind and she picked up the mattress.  “Oh! It was bothering you Tia”, and showed a pea.

Anyways they started their journey back to the home, it was a cloudy day and soon they saw a fierce storm coming towards them, soon everything was up and down ,in all that the Tia fell over into the sea and lost in the darkness. Her parents were very sad on returning home alone.

 But something magical happened when a whale rescued the princess and put her on the land, years and years passed the nice village people brought her up.

One day on the beach she saw a big huge ship with the old ,sad and miserable king and queen. She shouted with joy, “ mummy daddy i am your Tia”. But the king and queen were not sure if she was their daughter as she had grown up so different.

In his mind king thought an idea  that if she was his daughter she would feel a pea under her mattress so they said come over with us dear, and they took her to the palace.

When she went to her room to sleep she couldn’t because of the hidden pea under her mattress.

 Next day she woke up tired but she was reunited with her parents and lived happily after.

The End


3S – Alayna

Little Red Riding Hood

Down in a deep dark wood, Little Red Riding Hood was happily skipping to her grandmother’s house with a little basket full of treats. Off in the distance, Red heard a quiet giggling noise. She stopped for a second to listen again, but heard nothing. She was pretty sure she was just hearing things so she carried on walking. Then suddenly, a huge, hairy, smelly grey wolf jumped out in front of her! Red remembered a message she was once given by her grandmother. “If you ever see the wolf in the woods, never tell him where you are going,” she recalled. Red didn’t like to lie but thought she should in order to stay safe. “Hello little girl,” grinned the Big Bad wolf, “where are you off to with those scrumptious brown muffins?” he questioned. Red was scared but she still answered confidently, “I’m off to my grandmother’s house.” “And may I ask which way you are going because I have a feeling it might be where I need to go,” he continued. Red looked around to find a path that she could point to. “That way, to the left,” she said with her fingers crossed behind her back, “but I am going to sit down for a moment because I am tired,” she told the wolf, “you go ahead.”

The wolf wandered off towards the path on the left leaving Red behind. Red waited and waited until she could not see the wolf anymore, and then she ran! She ran and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, down the path on the right! She huffed and puffed and eventually arrived at her grandmother’s front door. “Quick grandma, the wolf is in the woods. I tricked him by telling him to go the other way, but I am sure he will catch up eventually. I need to borrow your hat and nightie so I can scare him away.” Red’s grandmother hobbled out of her bed over to her wardrobe and pulled out a baby pink nightie, a white hat and some slippers. Red got dressed and lay in the bed, while grandmother went to hide in the kitchen.

An hour went by as Red sat and waited, when out of nowhere came a loud thud on the door. She hopped over to the door and opened it slightly. “Hello, who’s there?” she whispered. “It’s Little Red Riding Hood,” said the wolf. “Oh really, come in, come in my dear,” said Red, knowing that the wolf was lying. “Would you like some tea?” The wolf was really surprised by her invitation. He was always told that humans should be eaten for lunch because they are horrible, but when he was invited in for tea, he realised that maybe they could be quite nice. He decided to be honest. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but I am the Big Bad Wolf, not Little Red Riding Hood. I’m sorry that I lied. I was planning on eating you for lunch, but I think I’d like to have some tea. I never get invited for tea.” The Wolf smiled with his big sharp teeth and stepped into the house. “You’re not grandma,” he exclaimed, when he realised that it was the little girl he met in the woods. “I know,” she said, “I’m Red and I want you to know that you don’t have to be so mean all the time. You don’t have to trick people or lie to them.”

“I’m sorry,” said the Wolf, “If I promise to be truthful, will you be my friend?” “Yes, of course I I will”, said Red, and they all sat down for some tea and muffins.

The End


3M – Ayra

Little Red Riding Hood

One sunny day there was a little cottage and a girl called Little Red Riding Hood and her mother lived there. Little Red Riding Hood was so rude and lazy  and never listened to her mum. But her mum on the other hand was very kind and respectful and made sure that Little Red Riding Hood had everything she needed. One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said “Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood. Your grandma is ill and needs to stay in bed. Can you go and give her these muffins please?” But Little Red Riding Hood yelled…..


“If you give them to her you can have some strawberry ice cream” her mother replied. Little Red Riding Hood loves strawberry ice cream, so she went. When she was on her way, she got a bit hungry and she wanted some of the muffins from the basket so she sat by a nearby tree and gobbled up all the yummy, sweet muffins. When she had finished, she left the basket there lazily and carried on walking. Meanwhile a grey, hairy wolf was passing by and he saw Little Red Riding Hood’s little basket. He picked it up and went to her and said kindly “Hi little girl you forgot your basket.” But Little Red Riding Hood was really rude and had no manners and shouted,

“I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ANYTHING YOU MEAN, OLD WOLF!” Poor wolf was being so kind to her. Then she just stomped off to grandma’s house. The wolf secretly followed her. When she got there the wolf quietly hid behind a tall, green tree, Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the big, wooden door. KNOCK KNOCK! “Come in dear your mum said that you got me some muffins” said grandma.

“I did but”

“But what” Then suddenly there was another knock on the door. KNOCK KNOCK “Oh can you please open the door dear?” Asked grandma

“Yes,” replied Little Red Riding Hood. When she opened the door, the wolf was there.

“HE IS MEAN!” screamed Little Red Riding Hood angrily.

“I am not” replied the wolf

“YES, YOU ARE!” exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood.
“I am not,” said the wolf.

“You two calm down and I will just check on my secret cameras” if it is true,” said granny

“Oh no I forgot that granny has those secret cameras” whispered Little Red Riding Hood. Then grandma saw that Little Red Riding Hood was being so rude and even ate the muffins.


“You have been very naughty Little Red Riding Hood, so you are grounded. Up to your room right now!” yelled her mum.

“But mum” Moaned Little Red Riding Hood. So, whilst Little Red Riding Hood was grounded her grandma and the wolf became best friends.

The End


4K – Esha

Little Red Riding Hood

One gloomy, miserable afternoon Little Red Riding Hood had decided to go and stay at Grandma’s house because she was awfully sick.

“Don’t go through the woods my dearest darling.” She shouted “I won’t mother,” She replied.

The road was the slowest way so she forgot about what her mum had said and went down into the woods. Little Red Riding Hood was very forgetful at times, especially now. Hmmmm, which way was it left, right or straight, she thought to herself, raising her hand to her head attempting to remember. For some reason Little Red Riding Hood had felt goosebumps on her arms, she felt like someone or a drone was watching her from behind.

Little Red Riding Hood had noticed it was the big bad wolf. She had lured the big bad wolf to grandma. At the speed of light Little Red Riding Hood had rushed back home and screamed so badly and told her mother what and where it was.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh,” screamed Little Red Riding Hood.

“Dear, what happened, calm down.” “There is a wolf in the woods and he is coming to get grandma.”

Meanwhile grandma was at risk of her life to live.

He knocked on the door and grandma said.

“What big eyes you have, what a furry coat you have and what sharp teeth you have.” “Hey wait a minute you are not my granddaughter.”

“But I am.” Red riding hood had come.

“Granddaughter!” She exclaimed

Grandma had got a pan, pot and smashed, clashed it on top of the big bad wolf’s head and was lay on the ground, then all of a sudden Little Red Riding Hood had punched the wolf, then out of nowhere Grandma’s neighbour, the gingerbread man had threw him back in the woods will a sleep spray and they were never hurt again.

The End   


4S – Anaya

One lovely morning when the sun was up Mila the miller’s daughter was grinding the flour when her dad arrived home. The miller was a traitor and liar so as soon as Mila saw his smile she was already ready to run for her life. “ The king sees your talent my girl. No more playing around, you have work to do when you get to the castle,” smirked her dad in a sly manner. Mila cried, she sobbed she even tried to escape her chains with her hairpin. But nothing would work for poor Mila as she accepted her doom had come, for you never know what the miller could be up to.

 When Mila arrived she was in front of the king who was wearing majestic leather and pearls. Mila thought her life could not be more at stake but she was very wrong indeed and she realised this when the king took her to the stables and instructed her to spin every strand of straw that lay there into gold. “ You will be given one night to complete your task,” added the king and with that he locked the door and vanished into his palace. 

Mila tried and tried to knit the hay into precious gold but all her spindle could do was knit itchy sweaters that could not keep out the cold. After hours and hours of spinning and spinning Mila was exhausted and now her muscles were aching and her head was in pain, in fact she nearly drifted off to sleep sipping her humble bowl of soup forgetting that the gold was due tomorrow when a puff of smoke came into sight. Mila jumped in fright as an odd little creature began to speak. “ Hello, Hello, my dear, you look exhausted. How about you get some sleep?” asked the little creature. Then Mila nearly drifted off but when a vision of the king came to her mind Milla cried “ But I must spin this hay into gold by tomorrow morning otherwise the king will punish me well.” There was a slight small pause as the figure daydreamed with no worries. “ Is that it? Well then your problems are all solved. I can spin that straw into gold. It’s easy I can do it quicker than the king could throw you into a crocodile pond. I just want a small, special reward,” sneered the creature, brushing some straw off his shoulder. This got Mila thinking. Many thought she was a liar like her father but they were absolutely bonkers. Mila was too innovative and clever to fall for the trick of this weird little fellow and now everything started to click as Mila saw a shine in  his pocket .

 “ Oh, thank you for asking, but maybe if you come back tomorrow you could spin some wonderful gold. I must get some sleep now I have eaten, for my eyes must close,” mumbled Mila adding a yawn for effect.

As soon she looked as if she was fast asleep, the creature could shriek in a panicked way, the gold was due the next day. 

The creature tried everything, he banged his peculiar tambourine singing “ It’s morning! It’s morning! And look, the kings coming in.” He even tried tossing every strand of straw that Mila lay on until she had flopped to the stable floor. But the strangest thing happened, When the creature had finished his lion act he sighed “Few, she is asleep. She cannot steal my prize.” Of course, Mila heard this all, and as he started to weave a little strand of straw into gold, Mila figured out how to do the same. As soon as a puff of smoke took him away, Mila hurried to the spinning wheel.

The next morning, the King came in. He had already packed all his razor sharp blades. “ What have you done? All the straw in the room, where is it?” he questioned, his eyes dancing about trying to find the hiding spot. “ I simply packed it away to save you the hassle. But it is not straw anymore. I turned it into pure gold like you commanded,” answered Mila, showing a bag full of gold. Straight away the king  ordered his servants to take Mila to a room that is acceptable for a person like her. Mila was invited to a dinner party and decided she better do something about this. 

Mila had made a cake especially for the king and only him, but before she served her delicious plan she needed to put him to the test. “ I must go and get prepared for our wonderful dinner party,” apologised the king rushing to the east wing. Mila stayed right behind him following every step he took and soon saw what he was up to. While rooms were being filled with straw, the king cackled “My wife will turn all this straw into gold. I will be rich and she will be my machine.” At once Mina fled to the room where she had been left in and when the king came back he proposed. You might think that kind Mila turned him down but she did the opposite. She went for the riches. She was very happy indeed for now her plan was going smoothly. She was doing a favour for the country, everyone hated the king anyway. At the dinner party she told the cook to serve the king her irresistible chocolate cake.

 That night the king had no breath and when the sun rose people were perplexed. 

Mila looked devastated to the people as she sat by the late king’s bed. 

That night she cut him when he was asleep to look like a dagger had gone very deep. 

She scattered some red paint too all over the covers to show there was no other possible reason for his death. And even if they figured out it was the chocolate cake, the servant served it anyway so the cook would be accused. So as Mila was the queen to be before the late king had passed, She instead became it a bit early however was the only ruler. Mila became one of the richest queens to live, with piles and piles of gold and all said she deserved it as she was kind to everyone. However no one knew how she had all this power until now as you know. The only mystery uncovered is whatever became of the little fellow he could spin straw into gold.

  All we do know is that he changed his name to Rumplestiltskin after this event.  


4P – Inaya

Beauty and the beast

Long ago, when spells and all sorts of creatures existed in France. There was once a little girl called Belle, she happily lived with her mother, Alison and her father, Maurice.  They were a happy family until Alison had been treating her husband as if he were a slave. Day after night, everything was the same as she yelled and declared small things that she could do herself. “Ugh! I knew I should never have married you!” she yelled. “I’ll be leaving this household! Nobody can ever listen to how I want things to be!” she moaned. Maurice was also an inventor, he was well known around the town and city. Though, sometimes he would only have little money for his family. They were usually tight on money. Weeks went past, and as always Alison was demanding even more things. She would ask for the best clothes, the best food and sometimes even tried to buy a new home. Until, one day Belle was searching for her father. She went to the workshop where her Father would usually be. Instead of her father, she saw her mother.

“Mother?” She whispered as she tried to stay as quiet as possible. She was holding two keys and walking towards a dusty wall. “What- why is she going there?” Belle questioned out loud. Alison turned around, “Who’s there!” she yelled. Belle didn’t reply just yet. “Ah  Belle, what are you doing here!” She laughed without turning around to see who it actually was. “Now go and play with your toys or something.” She stuttered. Belle still didn’t say anything. “So, you don’t listen to your mother. We’ll see about that!” She crackled. She turned around, and grabbed a small stick from her pocket. Belle walked towards her mother, wondering what she would do with such a small stick. “Zoo-ploo, give this child some respect and more, make her listen to those who she knows!” She yelled with the stick in her right hand. A bright gleaming blast filled the room.

“Now hopefully, this will teach you a lesson!” she crackled. “Now! Scram, I don’t want to deal with you today! Infact, now you can do whatever I say!” She laughed.  Belle felt different, her eyes were now sea blue and she felt very gloomy. Her father came down very happy. Alison quickly threw the stick out of the window. “Why are you so happy, it’s really annoying!” Alison whispered. She slipped the keys into her pocket. “Well, I sold some of my inventions and we have enough money for new clothes and more!” he yelled in excitement! “I really can’t believe it!!” he added. The wife didn’t look too impressed, in fact she wasn’t at all. She stood there laughing. “Ha! Are you really making up lies! Oh wow-” She laughed. Maurice was rather upset, he worked hard on making all those inventions.  “Well, that’s a shame, maybe you should go complain somewhere else.” Maurice cried. The look on her face was not mad, she was crying. “You know what! I’ll do that, actually I’ll be leaving now. And I’ll make sure I never come back.” She cried. So that night, she left. She brought everything she needed and left without a trace.

At first, they never really thought of it. Until, without her it was much more different. Many years later. Belle was now 17, and still had that curse. Her father barely told her what to do, she was more free than before. Until, one day she wanted to go and explore her fathers inventions. Until she tripped over a small little key. “This was mothers key!” she whispered . And behind her was a small little book. It was called, “SPELLS ONCE AGAIN”. She opened the book and looked at the first page. It was all about the spells. Then she came across the smell she was cursed with. With that, she saw that she needed to find a place where she can be happier from where she was before. She was already happy though here with her father. Though we set out for a little stoll. As she thought about it for a moment, she heard a knock from her doorbell to only hear that her father had gone missing. “WHAT!” she cried. Onces the messenger had left. She ran out of the house in pain! What was she going to do now? Could he have gone missing by the lake? So that’s where she first headed to the lake. Until she adventured into the forest.

And so, a small castle caught her eye. Behind there was a small little cottage. Without hesitation she decided to go explore. Maybe her father could be there for a rest.Instead, she saw a large beast there standing with her father looking like he was more in pain than her. “What are you doing! Who are you, just leave my father and take me please!”

“Begging so soon? Well, if so then fine…. Now one of you is going to have to pay the price. One of you must stay! He laughed. So that night she led him to the place she would be staying at. They didn’t really talk that much in fact Belle barely talked to him. It was until the next week, that evening. Belle heard a knock on the door. “What do you want..” she moaned as the beast walked into the room. “Well, since you haven’t eaten! I thought that maybe I should invite you to dinner? What do you say?” He asked nervously. Belle was rather still mad but she needed to get rid of the spell somehow,”Okay, fine..”

So then she looked in one of the closets to find a rather amazing dress. I was golden, she had always dreamed of something so pretty like this! “I wonder, whoever made that has excellent skills!” She thought to herself. So that night she put on the dress, and was ready to have dinner. It didn’t come to her mind at first but, it looked like that place she was in is where the king and queen used to live. It came to her, everything was oddly strange here. And so after they had quietly finished eating. A few minutes later the beast asked her if they wanted to dance, without a choice of course she had to say yes. So that night they danced their feet off. And so then, they became close as friends. It would be the first friend she would ever have. And so, that’s how one day she broke the spell. And it seemed like it was right in time for when the beast had also gotten rid of his curse too. And so they lived as friends happily.

The End


4D – Aliza

Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears

Far away in the woods, a little girl named Goldilocks was cheerfully playing in her cottage. Goldilocks found an azure butterfly and was eager to chase it. A few minutes after that, she lost track of the butterfly and found herself lost. She panicked but luckily, there were friendly bears coming towards her. They asked her “What’s wrong little girl?”

“Uh oh. I have lost myself in the woods”, the girl cried. The baby bear hugged Goldilocks and told her “It’s okay, we’ll help you find your home, won’t we daddy?” 

Goldilocks thanked the bears and set off. On the way home, they were laughing and talking and the bears were telling jokes to make her feel better.

“Hey what do grizzly bears use to catch fish? ….Their BEAR hands.” They all laughed and Goldilocks started to smile but just before she started to smile, a wolf scared them.

They all gasped and daddy bear declared, “Stay back kids” They all rushed back. The wolf saw how big Daddy bear was, and that because he was about to kill him, the wolf ran away. They all cheered for Daddy bear and clapped for him. After a long time, they finally came to their destination. Goldilocks mother hurried outside and she gave Goldilocks a big hug. “Thank you!” she exclaimed, wiping her tears from her eyes. They both came inside and Goldilocks started to tell her adventure with the bears.

The End


5A – Zaynah


So you know me as the so called baddy in this story just because Rapunzel said that I captured her. Well you guys got it all wrong…..

I’m mother Gothel the so called baddy, well that’s Rapunzel’s side of it. Well let me tell you the real story……

I have always wanted a child, I tried everything even adoption but they wouldn’t let me adopt a baby because I looked  “scary”. Well that hurts when you say that. Anyways let’s carry on with the story. So I made a deal with Rapunzel’s parents saying that if I grow their crops for 2 years I can get their first baby. I was ok with that because i’m known to be a professional crop grower if you guys didn’t know, you probably didn’t. I was even happier because they accepted the deal.

So I took their baby when they had one and I put her into a tall tower because I wanted to keep her safe. You guys thought that I was capturing her. Hahaha so funny.  So then anyways i would do the best i could to help her grow healthy and strong. When she grew older I saw that she had beautiful long hair. I knew that I did all that work and I didn’t want all that hard work gone to waste, so I took all the scissors and threw them in the bin just in case she cuts her hair. 

Then she grew even older and her hair became even longer and prettier. I still wasn’t ready to let her go so i kept her safe, because you know mums love their children. But one day I was on my way to bring her snacks and I heard her calling for help. Help!!. She was in danger. I wanted to go help her but I was curious because there was a young man. So I hid behind the bush to see what was going to happen. The boy asked her what happened. She said that a woman CAPTURED her and put her in that tower. Like really, CAPTURED, that’s insane. The boy tried climbing up her long hair. I’m the only person that can do that. Then the boy took HER OUT OF HER TOWER. They went to this odd place. I came back to get her. And she was annoyed.

After a few weeks in that tower I kept on seeing that boy climbing up her hair. Like I don’t want dirty shoes on my daughters hair.  So I decided to kick that boy out of the forest. But he kept on coming back. He seemed like a strong boy and he looked like he was able to take care of my daughter so I let him stay. But I regret doing that. Do you know why? Because he taught my daughter to try and KILL ME. so I was like na ah. But now I still haven’t got back at them. I have to find a way…………


 5N – Simran

Chip and Bella’s Gift from the Beast

Chip and Bella, 

Her sisters Amy and Heather. 

Her mummy said they could get a gift of their choice, a dress, a coat and a flower too.

Bella can get those things herself. 

Only with you,

A castle. 

Ooh how lovely,

They must have lots of money,

Wish I can have a castle like that,

Also with a snow cat.”

A crystal flower with a pearl,

Let’s see if anyone can answer the door?

Knock knock knock… 

“Who’s there!” said a grumpy old voice 

“I’m Princess Bella,” she replied.

“Princess Bella who?” questioned the old man.

“Princess Bella Crystal,” she announced.

“Well come on in!” the old man confirmed.

Fury hands opened the door, Bella knew this was a horrible idea, 

With a furry coat like a gorilla, she was sure he was going to eat me her for dinner.

Wait you can choose what comes next,

Do you want her to not get eaten? Very well then, 

she can enter the large grand palace.

This very much reminded her of her friend Alice.

She can see a wishing well and well she makes a wish of course.  

“I wish I can have a castle like this,”

A swirl of light around her, twisting and turning, flying everywhere. Next thing you know, a huge castle of her own was there.

The End


5DO – Aaliyah


You all know the story Cinderella, right? About  Cinderella meeting the prince, going to the ball, losing her glass slipper, trying on the glass slipper, living happily ever after, blah, blah, blah… Well, that is not how it really ended. Cinderella was like the goody two shoes, while I, Lady Tremaine, was evil. Whoever told you that is WRONG! I will personally see whoever told you so and deal with them in a way so as they never forget. Anyway, this is how it should have ended.

When Cinderella’s father died I became the owner of this house. I must admit that I never liked Cinderella very much, but that doesn’t mean I despised her. I tried to cheer her up but it was like the poor, poor girl was in a trance. All I wanted was for her to respect me and treat me and my darling daughters nicely. She did, but she was always afraid of me. I think she may have lost her senses due to her father dying. She did all the housework and I thought to myself why not let her do all the housework. It saves money and she seems to enjoy it.

Later on, Cinderella asked if she could go to a ball the prince was holding, it was invite only. We all had our invitations and I had a spare one that I was going to give to Cinderella. I held up her invitation to give to her but my hand slipped and it fell into the fire. “NOOOOOOO!” Cinderella screeched. Her face was full of tears. I didn’t know how to comfort her, so I left her to her misery. After all it was an accident that her invitation burnt to a crisp.

The day of the ball had come and as the first dance began the Prince asked my daughter to dance with him.  My beautiful daughter Anastasia was dancing with Prince Charming!  Yes you heard right my daughter was dancing with the Prince, and it looked like he had taken quite a liking to her. 

We had such a great time at the ball, when we got home there was Cinderella sulking as usual as she was unable to go.  I couldn’t bear to see all that crying. She was such a miserable girl so again I left her to it.

A month later, there was a royal announcement that the Prince wanted to get married. We were so excited, was he coming straight to our house for Anastasia, after all he seemed smitten by her at the ball. When there was a knock at the door, Cinderella rushed to open it. She opened the door and found the Prince standing there! Wide eyed, she stepped aside, but soon recovered her wits and was trying to make the prince choose to marry her. However, he soon ignored her when Anastasia came down to see what all the commotion was about. They locked eyes. Suddenly the prince went down on one knee and proposed to her! I was delirious with joy, I had dreamed of this very moment. 

Anastasia and the Prince were married and lucky Cinderella got to be the personal maid.  You would think she would be grateful to have such an honor, but no she just seemed miserable about it.  She was always jealous of my daughters, no matter how hard we tried she just refused to be pleasant and happy for us.  She refused to help with the preparations for the wedding but even so my daughter had such a gracious heart that she gave Cinderella a job at the palace.  I however, was the proudest and happiest mother alive.  So you see it was my daughter Anatasia who married the Prince, not Cinderella.  I would say my daughter lived happily ever after, okay wasn’t so much happily but who cares,  she was royalty and I am the mother to the future queen and that’s all that matters.

The End


6U – Armani

The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

Such a sweet story

But today we’ll mix it up

While I drink from my scarlet cup.

Up to to the door the princess went

Only to see a tall, handsome gent

“I’m wet and muddy can’t you see?”

“Oh please, oh please, can you shelter me?”

Shelter you? The prince thought, Are you a princess?

No it can’t be.

He slammed the door, ignoring her desperate plea

His mother’s voice echoed in his head

“This is your chance.” the gentle voice said

Turns out she was right next to him

It was just that her voice sounded quite dim

“You can open the door now.”

He opened it, as instructed

“Oh, so now you let me in?” The princess said and raised an eyebrow.

The princess dried herself and said

“I’m so hungry,”

She was given some hot soup.

She drank it with bread and said

“I’m so thirsty,”

She was given some wine and said

“I don’t drink,” 

She was given some water, drank it and said

“I’m ever so sleepy! This whole journey I’ve been sleeping in a teepee.” 

The Queen said

“Put a pea under her bed and place 20 mattresses over head.”

Next morning the Prince and the Queen asked the princess

“How did you sleep last night?”

“Not great,” she said, “There was some sort of rock under my bed.”

“Yes! You passed the test!” said the Queen overjoyed

“You are a real princess!”

She looked at her face

“Aren’t you happy?”

“No, of course not, I never asked for this. I was just a traveller seeking refuge.”

And she stormed out of the palace.

Then she found a good husband

A country boy

How always called her “my joy”

And they went on adventures throughout the land.

They loved each other

Always stayed hand in hand.

The End


6W – Mustafa

Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a giant who was at one point the wealthiest giant in giant city but for many months a boy named Jack has been taking everything that innocent giant had ever owned. One by one the greedy boy took everything he had and he still wanted more and more from the giant. All the giant had left were his servants and they had then later left as well because the giant had no food to give them. The giant had a small carrot and compared to the large meal he used to have it was nothing. The small carrot didn’t even affect his hunger by a single bit but he was still fine with what he had left. He had no food left and day by day he started getting weaker and weaker.

One night he looked down at the magical hen that laid golden eggs which he had also once owned until Jack had stolen it. The chicken used to sit on his massive wooden table and made him most of the money he had. The next after the giant had gotten no sleep he got out of bed and went to his door for fresh air and there he saw Jack holding a sack coming to take the last few things that the poor giant had and Jack was shocked. He halted and attempted to climb back down the beanstalk but the giant stopped and he held him tight. He took him and put him into a cage. The magical hen was also coming towards the castle and the giant picked him up and put him back to his original home. He then got many eggs from the hen and he then lived happily for the rest of his life with greedy Jack locked up.

The End


6C –  Ibrahim

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there was a girl. She had curly golden hair and her name was Goldilocks.

One day she came across a small, cozy cottage. It belonged to a bear family. The front door was open. Goldilocks being a silly little girl who has never been went to school and had the idea of walking inside the house. So she did. There she found a comfy chair, some porridge and some stairs leading to the beds where she was planning on taking a nap. 

First, she ate 3 bowls of porridge. She mixed them all up together and ate it in 5 minutes.  “Yummy porridge that was,” said Goldilocks.

Then she found some chairs. She broke one and never repaired it. Then she went upstairs and took a nap, in the baby bear’s bed. She snored and snored.

When the bears came home they searched the house for whoever ate their porridge and broke their child’s chair and they found her sleeping! They had a plan. The next time Goldilocks woke up she was in a saucepan and they were cooking her! Goldilocks tried to escape but she was already cooked. The 3 bears happily ate Goldilocks, in their tummy.

“Yum, thanks momma bear!” said baby bear.

“You’re welcome baby bear. It’s what the girl deserved!” shouted momma bear. 

The End



6U – Ananya

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a girl called “Little Red Riding Hood”   Little Red Riding Hood bring a basket of food for her Granny because she is ill. 

The Little Red Riding Hood was ready to go to her Granny’s house.

Granny was very ill and she was in her bed waiting for Little Red Riding Hood. 

The Little Red Riding Hood was in the woods and she was all alone by herself.

There was a wolf in the woods and the wolf was pretending to dress up as a person. 

The Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf and she said “I am going to my granny’s house because she is very ill and sick and those basket of food is not for you to eat but the wolf said “mmm delicious food you have”

There was a woodcutter in the woods and the Little Red Riding Hood saw a woodcutter and said I am a woodcutter who cuts trees.

The Little Red Riding Hood went to Granny’s House  She saw the pretend Granny in in her bed.

The Little Red Riding Hood said “Granny what huge eyes you have”  and she said “Granny what huge ears you have” 

The Little Red Riding Hood shouted “Help the wolf is going to eat me and my Granny help me please”

The woodcutter recued the little red riding hood and Granny and they lived happily ever after.

The End