Arts Week 2022

Arts Week

Year 6

During arts week, the Year 6s went to Claybury Park. We took the iPads with us to take some photos of nature. As we were doing macro photography, we had to get really close to the things were photographing. It was difficult to focus and make sure our shadow wasn’t in the shot. When we were back at school, the photographs were enlarged on A3 paper. We used a viewfinder to make an interesting composition. Then we used charcoal to draw the image. It was very messy but great fun. 

Some of us managed to move onto using some colour. By using the photos we had already drawn from, it made it easier to focus on colour as we knew the shapes from our charcoal drawing.   We used different media from our art boxes and even got to use ink.

One of the whole school projects we to look at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at some of his work and then created our temporary artwork by using found natural objects from around the school.

Year 5

Paper peepshow, also known as tunnel books or theatre books are a great, relatively simple way to capture a memory or depict a science. Layered paper panels, attached to two concertina-folded side structures create a 3D effect. This project makes use of found images to take the viewer on a walk through the woods. Year 5’s created a landscape peepshow of Parkhill Junior School!

Each class went out to take pictures of the Field or Rose Garden. In groups of 4, they took photographs on an iPad. These pictures were then printed to create the landscape. They needed to think what kind of a land scape they wanted to capture and create and then take photographs accordingly.