Earth Day 2021

As a gold level accredited school, our rights are at the core of everything we do. This year, we felt strongly about offsetting the negative impact of climate change, so we decided to take part in Earth day.  During the day, the whole school were involved in planting out a wide variety of plants. Years 5 and 6 focused on encouraging bees and butterflies, by planting wild flowers and Year 3 and 4 planted a range of tasty vegetables which they will nurture, harvest and eat!

“Earth Day encourages us to look after our planet and reminds us that we need to make changes to our lifestyle, if we want to protect our planet and our future.” Talha, 5DO.


Year 3 children negotiating and organising the planting of tomato seeds.


Year 4 children planting a wide range of vegetables and herbs in our hanging wall gardens.


Year 5, planting wild flowers to encourage bees and butterflies.


Year 6, busily preparing our raised beds, prior to planting.