Parkhill Parliament

Parkhill Parliament –  (long – established called School Council Previously)

Year-on-year, our School Council has proven to be driven, dedicated and decidedly different! Its elected members have gathered and represented the views of each class. This has led to some wonderful achievements and accomplishments over the years…..Please see the list below.

2010 – new school rules and new sign, all were written, agreed and designed by children.

2011 – new uniform, designed by children.

2012- tomato ketchup to accompany chips on Fridays; complete redecoration of the dining hall – chose colour scheme, tables and argued to have blinds instead of curtains. Job done!

2013 –campaign for a school pet …. leading to Bertie, the rabbit,  joining us!.

2014 – climbing frame; children interviewed three companies before agreeing on final design and cost.

2015 – additional water fountain and school tanoy system.

2016 – outdoor gym.

2017- extension to the climbing frame.

2018 – climbing wall

2019 – new outside toilet facilities…very fancy!!

Our weekly staff meeting with the deputy head teacher, allows us to put forward feedback from our classes and to discuss any suggestions made by our class members, on how to further improve our school.