Science Week

This Year, the Science Week topic was “Connections”  and we discovered that there are examples of connections everywhere, whether that be in our bodies, in our gadgets or in the world around us. Each day the children in our learning, we explored a little part of the wonders of science and its connections. We made water walk, observed the lifecycle of chicks and discovered how the telephone was invented.

‘Science week was fun; we did lots of interesting activities. I enjoyed watching the water walk. I found it fascinating seeing the liquid move through the paper into the jar and then the colours mixed.’ – Yianni 4D0

‘During Science week, we tried out and experiment to see if we could make the water walk through or up a tissue. As we watched the coloured water, we saw the two colours mix as they met in the middle. This showed the absorbency of the material and how colours mix.’ – Amreen 6C