Sports Day 2022

Active Week and Sports Day was a magnificent success! The sun shone brightly and pupils at Parkhill Junior School showed their resilience and sportsmanship in all of the activities!

During Active week at Parkhill Junior School, the children have been learning about the importance of wellbeing, healthy eating and exercise. Each day the sports and D and T ambassadors created a timetable of short activities for the children to participate in.

Sports day was also a great success at Parkhill Junior School! Year 3 and 4 (lower school) competed in the morning and Year 5 and 6 (upper school) participated in the afternoon. Events encompassed a variety of skills that covered in PE units over the year including football dribbling, tennis ball balancing and relay race. These activities emphasised the importance of physical activity (Article 31) and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, children were open to the best possible health (Article 24).  

Well done to everyone who took part!

‘Sports Day was very fun because we got to compete against others and it involved a lot of exercise.’ – Sevray 3S

‘Sports day was very enjoyable as we got to do a lot of running.’ – Elliot 3S

‘I had such a great day as I got to do a lot of fun active to physically active.’ Rafay 5K