British Red Cross – Kindness Home Learning Pack

To all of our CU families, 

Please continue to complete the activities below which are sent from central CU. You will see a Free Kindness at Home learning pack button below with the information you will need, alongside the activities:

I have validated each activity for 1/2 hour credit and the first aid training I have allocated 2 hours.  This is a great way for children to continue participating in CU, and is full of varied and creative activities that are focused on kindness.
The credits for each activity are:
 The Power of Kindness Calendar  Orange2195
 Being Kind  Yellow3924
 Kindness will keep us together poster  Green9271
 Being Kind to yourself  Yellow7529
 Helping you cope  Purple0052
 Understanding feelings  Purple4928
 Coping with Changes  Blue9301
 Stress Patterns  Orange9704
 Stay Connected  Purple4503
 Understanding Others  Green1779
 Learn New Skills  Yellow2227
 First Aid  Green3041
 Reflective word search   Red4345