Design and Technology Assessment

Throughout the year pupils will be assessed on three D&T units (physical computing, core D&T and food technology). Pupils will be taught how to use equipment and tools safely (refer to health and safety doc.) and at the end of each D&T unit, pupils will be assessed on the process of making the product as well as the finished outcome.

In the core D&T block, pupils should be able to use the tools effectively on their product (e.g. if they were using wood- they should have sanded the sides to create a smooth finish). They will also need to produce a clear and annotated design before making their product. The suitability of the pupil’s design will be taken into consideration: are the materials used suitable? Does it fit the purpose?

In the physical computing strand of D&T, pupils should be able to use Scratch effectively to program their Lego model. Likewise, when using Makey Makey, pupils should be able to complete the circuit and connect it to their design to have a functioning product that they have programmed.

Furthermore, in food technology, pupils will be assessed on their cooking skills (consistency, over-cooked, under cooked) as well as their understanding of how alternative ingredients can be used to create a healthy and balanced meal.

In addition to all three units of D&T it is important for the pupil to evaluate their design and product and this can be assessed in terms of their skills to reflect effectively.