Design and Technology


D&T Vision

For Parkhill pupils to know that their ideas are valued and that they can have an impact and contribute to our society. They will learn how design and technology has been used in the past and that their ideas could well be used in the future. As we provide fun and exciting projects that will inspire them to use their imagination and creativity, they will make and use links with other areas such as maths, computing, science and art to develop their ideas further. They will enjoy discovering and using a range of tools and materials to bring their ideas to life; building on skills as they progress through school. We will enthuse and excite our pupils as they make links with their own world and experiences. Children will feel proud of what they have designed, made and cooked!

Aims of D&T

  • To investigate, test, self-evaluate and peer assess finished products against the design criteria (Articles 2 & 3).
  • To focus on building and developing particular aspects of knowledge, understanding and skills in practical tasks (Articles 17, 29 & 31).
  • To design and make high-quality prototypes and products for ‘something’ and ‘some purpose’ using a range of tools and equipment (Articles 23 & 32), materials and components.
  • To understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook (Article 28).
Quotes about D & T at Parkhill

“In D&T, I am now able to design and make any types of food, pop-up books and sewing. This can make everyone more creative.” – Rian 5O

“I liked the lesson where we learned about levers, fixed pivots and loose pivots. We used it to make part of our poster about recycling. I liked it because it linked to two different lessons; science and art and I think that makes it exciting.” – Sabeen 3H

“Our illuminated lights was a fun project and I now ADORE ILLUMINATED SIGNS ! They look so nice and they make dark areas light up! We make an electrical circuit with light bulbs, batteries and switches. It was amazing!” – Fariza 4S

“In D&T we can make what our mind desires, with no limits to our imagination.” – Yusuf 5O

Useful D & T Links

Design Museum: To find activities you can complete using everyday materials and household objects.​.