We at Parkhill, put reading at the heart of our school: we celebrate reading with our pupils; foster a love of literature and actively promote reading at school and at home. We achieved recognition of this from Scholastic who recently invited us to sign up their Reading Charter, created in partnership with the International Literacy Centre.

We were successful because we at Parkhill:

  • Celebrate reading and ensure it’s at the heart of all school activities.
  • Cultivate strong links with the local library Maintain well-stocked class and school libraries, with the aim of having a minimum of ten books per child in the school
  • Create a culture of book ownership and encourage children to value books
  • Ensure the school environment demonstrates a commitment to reading
  • Believe that every child has an entitlement to be able to read by the end of primary school
  • Set aside time every day for story time and create a buzz about reading with book weeks and author visits
  • Engage parents in a home/school reading culture Ensure that all teaching staff are knowledgeable about books and reading and are confident to identify the right book for the right child at the right time
  • Never take reading for pleasure for granted Celebrate reading success at every level
  • Value reading as a thoughtful activity at every level and encourage children to form opinions, both through their reading experience and about their reading experience

Reading Corners

A warm welcome to our enchanting and radiant reading corners. A competition was held across the school to see which class had the most magical book corner; well done to 5D who were the winners.