‘People without knowledge of their past culture, history and origin, is like a tree without roots’

As History Lead at Parkhill, I have seen first-hand the impact that good quality history education can have on children. History at Parkhill has a unique perspective; linked closely with the English curriculum, the two subjects melt together to ensure our learners have the best of both worlds; access to a wide range of texts set in a multitude of time periods coupled with the opportunity to practise historical skills of interpretation, analysing, evaluating and comparing the history of the UK and beyond. We strive to fully immerse children in history, ensuring children understand the past and are able to write authentically with their knowledge, as well links with a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. Historical skills enable Years 3 – 6, children to really dig deep into local, national and global history, all the way through the curriculum.


Melting Curriculum Overview


History themed Days

Roman Day

During our online learning in the spring, year 4 were lucky enough to have a Zoom visit from a real life Roman soldier! He taught us all about his day to day life and how he has to prepare for battles. He showed us his military office and explained how he had to work his way up to be a general in the Roman army. The year 4s had a fantastic time working with the year 4 teachers as well; learning about gladiators, celebrations and much more!


London History Day

Children explored the resilience of Londoners in key events from history; from the Olympics to the Blitz and right up to modern day, the fantastic work of the NHS in the last year. Watch this space for some photographs and beautiful work!