Physical Education

Miss Gay

Physical Education (PE) at Parkhill Junior School

We aim to encourage a lifetime love of sport and keeping fit to lead healthy, active lives. Our PE aspires to develop confidence, resilience, passion, respect and determination. It helps to improve their mental health and cognitive development as a result they will be more likely to concentrate and maintain focus in lessons. All children are given the opportunity to compete in sport and other demanding activities to build their character and talents (RRS article 29) in order to excel in a broad range of physical activities as well as help embed values such as respect and fairness.  Not only does PE improve a child’s sporting skills but also it develops their communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity and problem-solving skills within a classroom setting as well as preparing them to be young global citizens.

Enjoy Learning and staying active! 

Mrs Ozkan

PE Vision
Every child should be confident, enjoy and participate in a range of sports actively with increasing competitive aspects by the end of Year 6. In the future, the aim will be to provide some competitive team matches against other schools (RRS articles 3, 15, 28, 29, 30 & 31).

  • Every child should be respected relative to our own natural abilities and stimulated to reach our full potential given our social, physical, mental and economic parameters (RRS article 29).
  • Continue to discover new barriers to learning about our physical capabilities and challenge ourselves in a competitive but friendly environment where we all progress together (RRS articles 3 and 30).
  • Our vision is for everyone to be confident, independent and motivated towards an enriched healthy lifestyle and to be actively participating in sport (RRS articles 15 and 31).
Healthy Opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities for children to stay active here at Parkhill Junior School. At lunchtimes, they have a variety of energetic activities to choose from including: tennis, basketball, table tennis, cricket, badminton, football, a climbing frame and an outdoor gym. At the start of this term we also sent out a fitness letter that explains what we do at Parkhill to promote a healthy and active environment (Please attach the fitness letter onto this).  

Cricket & Swimming 

Parkhill Junior School have had a PE specialist teacher to develop the children’s fundamental striking and fielding skills, as well as their confidence. The sporting focus this half term was cricket through which they learnt: throwing, catching, rolling and batting. These were all then incorporated into a game of cricket!

Year 5 have been having their swimming lessons and have absolutely enjoyed the experience. They have gained new life saving skills as well as continuing to improve upon them from previous lessons.


Links for PE/ physical wellbeing

At Parkhill Junior School, the children are really enjoying their PE lessons and show great enthusiasm towards the subject. Below is a link you can access at home which provides further many ideas of how to stay healthy and active at home.