Science Vision

The vision for science at Parkhill Junior: promotes curiosity and enquiry. We want our children to be fully engaged and fully challenged through a range of hands-on learning opportunities in a range of exciting investigations; as well as the use of combined reading and researching to support the children in discovering new knowledge for themselves. Children should ask “what if?” and “how does this work?” questions to further their own learning. ‘Science helps me to gain and expand my knowledge. Without it, we wouldn’t understand the world!’ Zeeshan 6U

Article 12:

Every child has the right to have a say.

We want science at Parkhill Junior to inspire children to have a sense of wonder and awe of the world around them, realising that science is everywhere. ’Whenever we do science, I am so curious about the topic! In Year 4, we are currently learning about animals – habitats and states of matter. It is fun and I always get an electrical vibe inside me!’  Fariza 5DO

Science Websites : Why don’t you explore these websites and try out some of these amazing experiments with your parents?

Experiments at home