Science Vision

At Parkhill Junior School science learning encompasses learning about the chemical, biological and physical aspects of the world.  Our science lessons nurture our children’s natural curiosity and excitement of the world around them. As well as learning knowledge about the world around us, our science curriculum places emphasis on providing, practical and investigative scientific opportunities where children are encouraged to ask questions, plan and carry out their own investigations using scientific language. We want our children to ask questions, take risks and feel challenged in order for them to excel (Article 29- Education must develop every child’s abilities to the full). 


Through high quality teaching we will develop the essential characteristics of scientists:

  • Excellent scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • An understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
  • Equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future

Science Week 2020

Our children have really enjoyed the ‘British Science Week’s theme ‘Innovating for the future’- Space. For British Science week, we designed ‘a Rover landing vehicle’ to land on Mars. Our children brainstormed to create and invented a design, then presented it. They researched different facts and then applied this knowledge to the design of our Rover vehicle.

Take we take pics for the Rover winners?

Our  dress up day was a big success and  we have been delighted with the effort made by parents and children for these.

“I really enjoyed designing the Mars Rover. I found out that there are volcanoes on Mars!”  Yusuf 3S

“I enjoyed working like a scientist when we investigated changing the weight of the Marscopeters. I found out the heavier Marscopters fell quickest.” Aryan 3O

‘I really enjoyed science week and learning about the astronauts and mars.’ Arjun. Year 4

‘Using the ipads and visiting mars was very fun and exciting.’ Saifullah Year 4

‘I really liked when we got to see inside the international space station and it is funny how they eat and sleep.’ Muhammad. Year 4

Zaynah 5A – British Science week was fun! The activities were enjoyable and I learnt a lot. I especially liked dressing up! I learnt about how plastics affect the world and how to keep safe during Covid 19.

Zayyan 5A – I really liked my rover design because I could feel like it was real by creating my own. 

“Science week was really fun and educational!” Zainab 6U

“Science week was outstanding because of all the fun science activities!” Alisha 6U

“We were free to express ourselves through our innovations and the sky was the limit!” Darpad 6C

“We got to experience new things that we hadn’t before and through the VR, it felt like we were really on Mars!” Sarjuna 6C

“ I enjoyed the science dress up day as we were able to express ourselves in a scientific way” Haniah 6C

“The AR was so immersive and it taught me new things” Jashan 6W

“ I enjoyed using the Ipad the most because I got to experience what Mars is really like. “ Rayaan 6W


Science Websites : Why don’t you explore these websites and try out some of these amazing experiments with your parents?

Experiments at home