TFL ‘Vision Zero’

On Wednesday 26th February, the children had a special visitor called Anya Ozkan who works for Transport for London.

She spoke about her job and everything that she is responsible for including; making roads safer for pedestrians, keeping roads less congested and promoting people to walk and cycle more.

She introduced TFL’s initiative called ‘Vision Zero’, which is to ensure no injuries or deaths occur due to collisions on London roads.

Another important point she made was how dangerous it can be to park on zig-zag lines – especially outside of a school!

“The assembly was very informative about road safety and transport for London. It taught us about how important it is to keep to speed limit and how driving slower could help save lives” Shafin 6U

“I found this job very interesting because Anya Ozkan worked on transforming a very dangerous roundabout into a safe pavement for people to walk on and cross without danger. This is involves lots of problem solving and creative thinking.” Aisha 6U